Mexican Waves, Facebook and Online Shopping

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved the Olympics and the two week it was on I was glued to my screen screaming land of hope and glory as our amazing athletes created some of the most historic moments in British sporting history. I jumped for joy as Gemma Gibbons slammed her was to an Olympic silver medal and I have been in awe at the masterclass given by the British athletes in the velodrome, but one thing that I didn’t agree with came to light during the Brazil- South Korea game in the semi-final of the football at Old Trafford.

I attended the game with my dad and as we are both avid followers of football we were quite excited to see the silky skills of Neymar and co. But as the game began I couldn’t help but notice that the woman sat in front of me was doing her shopping. During the game! She was online shopping during the match! And if that wasn’t enough she then logged on to her Facebook and proceeded to post a status telling her ‘friends’ where she was followed by a picture of her watching the game. Which funnily enough was the only thing she wasn’t actually doing, watching the game!

I understand when people say that the Olympics allowed people who wouldn’t normally go to a football match to attend and experience one. But if that’s what Olympic football brings then I’m sorry but I don’t want that. If the Brazil-South Korea game is anything to go by then I can honestly say that I didn’t enjoy my Olympic football experience, and that’s including the GB-Senegal game where the atmosphere was duller than dull and the football wasn’t much better.

However back to the shopaholic. She wasn’t done yet, she then proceeded to get overly orgasmic over a Mexican wave.Now I know people love them and yes, they do look good, but being a home and away United fan nothing churns my stomach more and I firmly believe that they do not belong in Old Trafford. I didn’t join in with them and I never will. Don’t get me wrong I love supporting my team and I enjoy nothing more than feeling the Stretford End roar, but Mexican waves, come on. How’s that going to help the players, it doesn’t spur them on. It tells them that the games that boring we’ve had to throw our arms in the air like we’re on the big dipper to keep ourselves occupied. I’d rather watch Aguero’s league winning…. No actually forget.

Honestly I really really loved the Olympics. I loved everything about them. But in my opinion and I hate to say it, the football was a disappointment. I expected to hear ‘Rule Britannia’ bellowing from the terraces at full velocity but instead I got ‘Viva Mexico’ from an online shopping-Facebook addict who I hope got the curtains she wanted.