Welcome to FanChat

Evening all,
Welcome to FanChat where you’ll find views and opinions on all sports and all music. Feel free to comment and suggest any subjects or topics. Maybe even suggest blogs which might be of interest and if you like what you read please share FanChat with your friends :). For starters i’ll be blogging about anything and everything that revolves around the world of sport, football and music from the views of the terraces, my obsession with the Courteeners, the Don’t Flop rap battle league and upcoming London 2012 Olympics where I’ll be focusing on the Team GB men’s football team along with any topic of your choice. My first blog will focus on David Beckham’s exclusion from the Team GB squad and what I think should happen to him and Stuart Pearce. Anyway hopefully you’ll be around to read it, I look forward to hearing your views and opinions and I hope that you’ll enjoy following my blog. If you don’t feel free to let me know why 🙂
See you soon


7 thoughts on “Welcome to FanChat

  1. Really good and I enjoy reading your blogs, however you do need much more commers because it gets hard to read when it’s just one big sentence

  2. Yea I agree with bill i’m a reader so i wasn’t that impatient, I’m just looking for some good blogs and people to read mine even though its sooper nnew

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